Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Journey to a Smoke-free Life

It's been a week from now from the very day I decided to quit smoking. It was not easy but I made it this far. What made me decide to quit is that when I noticed that the system is failing, I should do some precautions. I call my body a system of systems. I just had a cough, chronic sinusitis and allergic rhinitis for two(2) long weeks. It's not supposed to be like this long (2 weeks) before it heals on its own. I was thinking maybe I'm getting old and I need to change something to the routine to fit the current state of the system. So I tried changing flavors, from Beer to Cocktails, from more rice to more veggies, and from smoking to not. Two days after, my observation was that the system is now healing on its own. Maybe I am right. Until then I never get back smoking and I am hoping I can do this until I reach a state of a smoke-free life.

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