Saturday, December 20, 2008

Home Sweet Home

It's 4:42 AM and just got home from night out with friends who's scheduled to relocate to Middle East for a career shift. It's very late, or shall I say so early and I'm packing up things for my flight to my home town in Caraga region, Northern Mindanao a few hours from now. It's been a year now since I moved here in Manila to take this non-academic career for the first time which I find not really bad as compared to how much the state university has payed me.

By the way, we just had a karaoke with some Red Horse(beer) at a Japanese KTV with some girls we barely know. We had a great time as the group were getting some credits for the "free entertainment" they got from my fantastic-singing friends.

Of course, KTVs have their own way of entertaining guests. Her name is April. A stunning 20-year young lady of whitish-Asian complexion. Unexpectedly, she's not just beauty but also have some kind of a brain that surprised my "not very curious" mind. I can't even believe she took that job. But anyway, the night was great. At least I had a great Friday night on my last 2008 night in Manila.

Now getting back on packing up things... Thinking of canceling my trip to Iligan, the city of majestic water falls, due to some safety issues. The damn terrorist bombing of malls...

I'm looking forward on playing my 15-year old not very good Yamaha "Keyboards" (Musical Instrument) again.

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