Tuesday, January 6, 2009

SMART, Simply Sucks!

I was currently having trouble with my Motorola phone and having headache the whole night finding ways on the internet on how to rescue my phonebook memory when suddenly I ran out of prepaid load. It was around 2:00 AM so I decided to go to sleep and take care of it the next day.

18 hours after, I left office and bought a couple of prepaid card (Buddy) and a SIM pack for use with my temporary GSM-only phone while trying to fix my Motorola. I’ve tried reloading the card but the network says that I have entered an invalid PIN. So I verified the 14-digit PIN. Pretty sure the PIN is correct but the system is always returning an invalid PIN message. Bullshit! So I tried the other prepaid card and the result is the same. I also tried loading it on the new SIM pack that I just bought earlier and the stupid network still says that I have entered and invalid PIN which is, again, bullshit! I’m not blind!

So I decided to call customer support which they call “Customer CARE”. I don’t CARE what you call it anyway. My phone’s earpiece said something like “you cannot call support if you don’t have load”. So you cannot call support if you’re having trouble with reloading your prepaid subscription? That’s another bullshit! So I used my new SIM Pack to call support. I have waited about 13 minutes before an agent has picked up my call and greet me the usual way. “How may I help you?” I described my problem in detail then the agent asked for my number and then they found out that my airtime balance is 0 pesos. Guess what their theory is? The agent told me something that will derive to this phrase: “You will sometimes have problems reloading if you don’t have a load.” What? Come again? Are you kidding? So when should I reload? … they want you to reload only if you already have a load. That’s bullshit number 3. Anyway, I kept quite for a while and then here comes the resolution. “Sir you can try doing the “pasaload” from another phone(with a load of course) to your problematic phone and then send “RELOAD ” to 1510. I decided to take the advice anyway, hoping that this will solve my problem but the problem is that my other SIM, the new one, only has 1 peso load. So I decided to try loading one prepaid card to the new SIM instead using the new method (thru SMS). Then a reply immediately arrived saying again that I have entered an invalid PIN. So, I tried the other prepaid card and still had no luck. Now I trying to call support again as I badly need my phone tonight. I had to call someone. My phone has been playing that stupid “wait music” for 58 minutes and 56 second at the moment I am writing this and there are still no agent answering… powering off phone before I get my hands and throw it out of the window.

They could have told me that they are currently having problems with their prepaid systems or such and that I should wait a few moments for it to be fixed. I would have been a little happy to hear that rather than bullshits.

This is what they call “Simply Amazing!” in the advertisements, simply bullshitting the subscribers. I’m transferring to other cellular network first thing tomorrow and am hoping that they could offer me better services.

1 hour and 15 minutes has passed and thank God someone has answered from the customer support. They want me to go to the nearest SMART wireless center and bring both prepaid cards for verification. This is bullshit number 4. They want me to wait until tomorrow for the service I need tonight.

It’s 11:19 PM and I am going out my apartment and walk 500 meters to buy electronic load instead. The electronic load worked fine and now I can connect to the internet and post this blog entry, hoping that someday they will realize.


  1. Something like this happened to me too. The problem turned out to be this: I have a Smartbro Sim not a regular sim. A SmartBro sim will only load smartbro P300 cards. That explains why you can still receive pasaload but not card load. Smart definitely sucks for not working around this.
    If this happens to you - try selling your load then getting a dedicated smartbro P300 card. Good luck everyone!

  2. Had the same invalid pin problem. What a waste of money, not to mention that I badly need the load now. Don't rely on stupid Smart for emergencies. Fuck this network!

  3. I am having this problem now! I am so frustrated! How dare Smart advertise in their website that they are the best?! I have tried numerous other broadbands and Smart is definitely THE WORST

  4. I had this problem also. I bought a P500 prepaid card and it wont me load it. It says that the pin is
    invalid. Wasted my money, I need it urgently.

  5. God, this entry is 2009. Today is 16 Aug, 2014 and guess what? I'm facing the same problem! I've got 20P balance, trying with 300P card but no luck - invalid PIN. I'll try a little more further...

    1. Ok, I called the service and they say I got a Smart "BRO" SIM and my top-up card is just for Smart, not for Smart BRO. They say I need to get a specific BRO card. Thanks a lot!

    2. I've found an alternative solution.

      There are pros and cons.
      - It's online system, so you don't have to worriy about getting the PIN and ending up with the same problem;
      - it works 24hr, I did it around 1 AM and got a top up message from the carrier;
      - you can use paypal so you don't need a local credit card and you do get a paypal receipt.

      - After payment with paypal, the site does NOT take you back to a page letting you with instructions - I made an inquiry through the web and got the reloaded message just when I sent it;
      - it takes a little while (5 mins?) to get the reload;
      - you're paying approx 70% more - but saves you from buying multiple cards and not succeeding.

      I'm quite exhausted with this invalid PIN issue, so I think I'll use this next time.

      Good luck to you all.

      Sugi (iPhone5 RSIM9+patch=edge)

  6. And forgot to share with you the site: