Wednesday, February 25, 2009

If You Could Ask God One Question, What Would It Be?

I got this from my colleague's Blog:


Regardless of your beliefs, whether Christian, Muslim, Budhist, Atheist, or Agnostic, chances are, you’ve encountered this question before.

I myself don’t really consider myself to belong to any religion per say, although I do believe that there is a God. I don’t do the Sunday mass thing, preach on buses, or kneel down facing east. I just think there’s a God, and thats that. I said I think there’s a God because no matter how you look at it, you can’t prove it. Perhaps I’m a Deist or leaning towards Agnosticism? I don’t know what I am, but I know what I believe in. I am ready to discuss beliefs or disbeliefs, given that we respect each other’s thinkings. Now….

Earlier this week though, someone asked me the question “If I could ask God something, what would it be?”, and I came up with a question that should satisfy a lot of people regardless of their beliefs…

Before I proceed, I would just like to state that for argument’s sake, it is supposed that God is someone or something that will answer any of our questions, regardless of how hard they are, and that is assumed to be the absolute truth. The answer and question would also be know to all men and women around the globe.

Normally, people would ask whom they were destined to marry, whats their purpose in life, whats the meaning of life, or something as simple as what’s next week’s winning lottery numbers. Nothings wrong with these questions I guess, but I was really surprised and delighted about the question that I thought of that day. And that is….

“Do you (God) really exist?”

Regardless of your beliefs, you should be contented with what the answer is. There are only two possible answers to that, yes or no.

YES, I really do exist

If you believe in a God, then you’ve got your answers that all your blind devotion and faith was right all along. If you went to church every Sunday, didn’t eat beef/pork, or lifted a finger on the Sabbath day, then it was all for something after all. Of course, if you were believing in the wrong God and actually committing sins like crazy, then sucks to be you.

If you’re an Atheist on the other hand, you’ve just had your disbelief throw in your face. The theists who were blindly following something were right after all. Now, as I mentioned, given that this was answered by someone who’s answer is “assumed to be the truth”. How you react to this, is up to you. If you choose to down on your knees, or stay defiant, is entirely up to you.

Deists will still pursue the scientific method and demand that this dude is really telling the truth. Kinda hard to prove. Agnostics will be the same, if they consider this the proof of the existence of a real God or not. Thus is the advantage/disadvantage of being in the middle. Given that this is assumed truth, chances area lot of these guys would follow suit and pray.

NOPE, I am nothing but a myth.

In this case, those of religious nature will be lost. Their lives worth of blind faith and devotion would be for nothing. All their Sunday mornings, calloused knees, or whatever they got from their traditions would be for naught. This would truly be life changing. Then again, thus is the basis, and risk, of their faith. Belief without proof.

Atheists on the other hand would have a field day laughing at all the religions in the world, saying how stupid they were, and how they were right all along. Soon, they’d be leading the destruction of churches, mosques, and other religious places in order to put malls, shopping centers, and other things that would make life easier. Like bike trails!

Again, Deists would still ask for proof of this persons authenticity. Agnostics would have an answer and say something like “nothing ventured, and nothing gained”. No loss for them except if they were like me who still thinks there might be a God.

Thats all I have to say on this. I just thought it would be a cool question to ask. For me, that would be the coolest thing you could ask God… To finally know if he exists… Still, I wouldn’t know what the answer is because nobody’s really asking it yet. So until then, lets all just respect each other’s beliefs. I firmly believe that your rights end where other people’s begin.


Agnostic View

Let me share the thoughts of an Agnostic. In the first place you do not need to ask the question “Do you (God) really exist?”. Or if you have to, it does not require an answer from the "God". You will simply conclude that "God"exist if you get an answer otherwise, if you don't get any answers, God is nothing but a myth. But there is still a problem with this, what if you've asked the wrong God?

With the assumption that God(the creator) exist and will answer my questions truthfully and If I'll be given the chance to ask the "God" a question(s), that would be, "What are you?" and "How did you do it?".

"God" may not answer me in spoken words or written language. Because if "God" is not a human/humanoid or a sapient being at all, how can he speak or write? Now, what if "God" is the physical laws that govern the universe, as described by Carl Sagan? "God" could have answer me in a very different way that will lead us to conclusion that "God" is simply the laws of nature. This can be the discovery of an unusual black hole that would have been proved to have ignited the universe.

Or if God is a very different thing at all, that he could be an entity that has not yet been discovered by our science, then the question "What are you?" would be beneficial to mankind or even alienkind.

The answer to this question would become the most satisfying answer the human race could ever have.

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  1. you have a very wide analysis,visions,etc. as i read your blog, i suddenly have a headache..hehehe

    anyways, GOD is the most wonderful imagination given to mankind..He exist or not, it is not a question to most people who believe in HIM that HE brings joy, contentment, a light-refreshing feeling..anyways, life is a choice..Who am i in this world?even a dot..i would not matter universally..Let's make life simple and happy..nosebleed ako sau but im so proud of you as what sirbrigs told me bout u..hehe..simply amazing!!!