Saturday, July 25, 2009

Coron, Palawan

About three weeks ago, my friends and I went to Coron, Palawan for some out of town adventure. We arrived at the dive resort at mid day then went to try the salt water hot spring. The hot water plus the salt in it said to be good for the skin. I don’t really mind that, what was important to me back then was to get out of my daily routine which is waking up early for work and then going home tired. One unforgettable experience was the shipwrecks. I also have managed to dive under water for a photo shoot.


This ship wrecks were used to be Japanese war ships destroyed by Americans fleets during the World War II.

The sceneries are fantastic. White san beaches, virgin islands, mangrove forests and coral mountains. I didn’t realize I like nature until then.


The people are very nice. The dive shop owner happened to be from my school so got along easily and offered us a place for Karaoke and Tequila.

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  1. Yo dude, nainggit ako dito. Hope makapunta ako this August.