Thursday, January 12, 2012

#smokedbywindowsphone : The Windows Phone 100$ Speed Challenge

Ben Rudolph, a Microsoft evangelist made a brilliant ad campaign by challenging smart-phone users at CES 2012 to beat Windows Phone in head-to-head speed challenge to prove that Windows Phone is way faster than any other smart phone. Anyone beats the Windows Phone will get $100 cash up-front and if they loose they get to say that their phone got smoked by Windows phone in front of the camera.

Other people always associate speed with CPU clock speed and RAM sizes but this one is different. The mechanic is that the fastest to perform and complete a common day-to-day task with their smart phone wins.

The first 2 days was the just awesome as Windows Phone rocked 50 wins, 4 losses and 1 tie. What most people don't know about Windows Phone is that it has almost completely different User Interface than iPhone and Android counterparts. Windows Phone is not an icon-based operating system. It uses live tiles at it's home screen instead of using icon on a desktop-like environment. To cut it short, as a Windows Phone user for almost a year now, I would say things are really fast and easy to do in Windows Phone than in my Android. To give you an idea, i can post a Facebook status in just 3 to 4 taps from the home screen.

Checkout these video for interesting wins:

I bet many people would now consider Windows Phone after this. Great Job Ben. You have just given Silverlight Developers hope. ;)

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