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It has been almost three years since the last time I created a blog article and more than four years since I've written an interesting one. I blame Facebook for this. So many things happened to my life. I changed and learned a lot. 

Four years ago, while I was living in Manila, my company sent me to the United Kingdom. It was one of the memorable experience of that chapter of my life. I learned about so many things. So many to mention here but to cut it short. It had opened my eyes to more possibilities and opportunities. I lived in Manchester City for almost 2 months and went for weekend strolls to London, England and Edinburgh, Scotland. It was an amazing experience for a young man from a poor tropical country in Asia who has never left the country before.

Walking the streets of Edinburgh, Scotland with Friends.
I met new friends and shared the experience. I really cherish those moments. The experience has also inspired me to work harder and dream bigger.

A year after the trip, I decided to quit my job to move to Singapore for a better opportunity. I have now gained to confidence leave the country and work elsewhere. I got a software engineering job in a French investment bank which I am still working in until Today. So far, so good. There good and bad times as usual. 

I now live in Singapore and I have traveled a lot since then. I went to neighboring Malaysia and to islands of Indonesia. I have been to Hanoi in Vietnam which was a interesting trip. One thing i learned through all those Asian trips is that the Philippines is quite disconnected form the rest of the Southeast Asian countries. I can the close relationship of Singapore to Malaysia and Malaysia to Indonesia and Thailand. They exchange goods, food and manpower. What I am saying is that it is so easy to find a Thai food or an Indonesian food in Malaysia. It's not like that in the Philippines. It's easier to find American good than Asian ones.

Anyways, I have also been to quite a few countries in Europe. Thanks to my current company for opening that window of opportunity for me. My current company sent me to Paris, France for a business trip last year. I stayed their for almost a month and did a side trip to Amsterdam, Netherlands and Brussels, Belgium. The business trip was successful and that I went back their earlier this year. This time, the side trip was to Rome, Italy where I was surprised by the number of Filipinos living there. I have tasted the best Ilocano (region in the Philippines) food in Rome.

It did not stop there, on June I went back to Europe for a personal trip with my girlfriend (If you knew me personally, I know what you're thinking). We went to quite a few cities in Europe. We went to Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Venice and Prague in Czech Republic. That short trip was amazing! I get to spend lots of quality time with my special someone in the most Romantic cities in the world.

In Rialto bridge, Venice, Italy.
Now decided to make this blog entry a few days ago when I also decided to start feeding my creativity again and start writing those creation in a blog. Since, I have not written for quite a while, I decided to write a short summary before getting back to writing techie stuff.


  1. brilliantly done.

  2. Of course. You chose the wrong guy. 😏

  3. Hello,
    This post is very nice and creative. Thank you for your nice sharing. Hope you post very soon your next article. And most important is careful choosing a right guy.

  4. Hello Rose,
    Welcome back. I visit your others page and its very nice about technology. I like to research about technology. Thank you for your nice share. Hope you start blogging again.


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