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Remove “Password to Unlock Screen” on Android 2.1 Phone

You must have noticed that after you’ve set-up your your phone for Exchange email synchronization, the phone starts asking for a password every time you need to unlock the screen. You must have also noticed that the unlock pattern menu has stopped showing up in the Settings>Security menu. This is because, your phone enforces the Exchange server policy of your company. It’s the exchange server that tells your phone to enforce this security policy. It is indeed reasonable to enforce such policy because you are accessing work/company owned information but most of the time, it is very annoying having to type a password on a QWERTY on screen keypad just to unlock the screen. So I decided to look for a solution.After Goggling around, i found this very interesting thread about developers trying to disable this annoying “feature”. So I gave it a try and it works perfectly fine on my HTC Wildfire.I’m pretty sure you want to try it too. You may get the app from the Android market. It’s free.…