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Smart Socket : A small step to "Internet of Things"

It was a long weekend and I did not have anything planned. I was on a "couch potato" mode watching 4 movies in a row. It was very unproductive and I was just sitting upright in my bed with a pitcher of water and a sack of chips when the sun sets and it got dark. I needed to turn on the lights in the living room and few lights in the kitchen but i didn't want to stand up. I wished I could just do that with an app on my phone. So after finishing the 4th movie. I jumped into my computer and started searching about such ideas. The first interesting thing that i found was the Wemo, a home automation product by Belkin. They featured a product that is very similar to what I need. They feature of main socket that can be turned ON and OFF from the internet. I then encountered the phrase "Internet of Things" which refers to the technology behind internet connected devices. They are not limited to home but are also getting attention from factories and manufa…