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Solar Eclipse 2009

July 22, 2009, I woke up early in the morning to join a group of astronomers in observing the longest solar eclipse of our lifetime. 14.62 degrees latitude, 121.10 longitude is the location of the site where we took photos of Luna passing in front of Sol.The group is consist of member of the University if the Philippines Astronomical Society and some Instructor at the Astronomy department of Rizal Technological university. We photos of the eclipse using Bamm Gabriana’s 10” MEADE reflector together with point and shoot digital cameras. We used combinations of 4 solar filters including red and yellow eyepiece filters to get this results. We can only see partial solar eclipse from Manila, this is why most of the professional astronomers in the Philippines flew to China to get a chance to take a shot of the longest total solar eclipse.I took this photo @ exactly 9:44 AM Manila time which is one minute after the Maximum occultation. I also took a photo of the final egress just seconds befo…