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Architecting Systems Like A Rock Band

In Software, orchestration often means control, synchronization, mediation and scheduling of decoupled application services in order to fulfill groups of tasks as part of a business processes. In highly distributed systems, orchestrating could be a nightmare to develop and maintain. If not designed carefully, it can lead to a scenario where the orchestrator becomes the bottle neck to future architecture changes. In traditional SOA, the orchestrator is often called the service bus or enterprise service bus. Even Micro-services architecture has an orchestrator. It hides behind the name "Gateway" and "Control Plane".
In an Orchestra, if the conductor leaves the orchestra in the middle of a symphony, chaos could occur eventually. The percussion section could become out-of-sync with the woodwinds and the brass section overtime. This is because each musician and each section rely heavily on a set of rules and patterns in the sheet music and of the tempo and the instructio…