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Fun with HP Printer Display

While searching for a programming solution, I stumbled into an article claiming that they can change the default displayed message of your office printer to whatever message you want. The message that will replace the conventional “Ready” message. I got interested, so i took time to read it. When i searched about it in Google, I was amazed that lots of articles where already written about it. Articles that offer a program the author wrote himself to make you do change the “Ready” message of your printer to some more humorous such as “INSERT COIN!”. Some articles suggest that you need to learn the language to do that. I learned pearl just to understand what those line of code does and found out that it’s just simply sending a string of character to an opened TCP socket to the printer on the network. The program exploits the PJL (Printer Job Language) to send a command to the printer to replace the conventional “Ready” message to something else. The command is “@PJL RDYMSG DISPLAY = “ Y…