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Closed Caption

It's been a year now since i purchased my TV set. I didn't care about the users manual or even took a glance at other buttons on it. Until last night... I was curious about the button labeled "Closed Caption" and I wonder what it would be for and what will be the effect if i press it. I tried to press it once and my TV set responded that the Closed Captioning is enabled. But i did not notice any changes on the screen until i tuned to "CS" channel and the program playing at the moment was "Prison Break". There were texts displaying at the bottom of the screen that looks just like a subtitle in a DVD video. The text was of color white over a black placeholder. Instantly, i knew that it was not part of the analog TV signal transmission because it was so crisp unlike the images on the TV program itself. So i quickly moved my ass to the desk to consult Dr. Google what is Closed Captioning means. After a few clicks, I found out that it is done by embedd…


001:001 In the beginning I created the 6.9 GHz Blog.

001:002 And the blog was without form, and void; and darkness was
upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of me moved upon
the face of the waters.

001:003 And I said, Let there be light: and the bright minimalist template was chosen.

001:004 And I saw the light, that it was good: and I divided the light from the darkness.

001:005 And I called the light body, and the darkness I called header.