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Taxi Meter for Android

It’s been two months now when I started taking a taxi everyday to office. That was after I got assigned to a new office location at Fort Bonifacio. I always take the same route everyday, however the taxi meter seem to differ between taxis by up to 20 pesos which made me think that these taxi drivers maybe cheating on me.I have created a simple android app that will serve as your personal Taxi meter. I made this to nail the trickster taxi drivers in the ass. The application uses the device’s GPS antenna to get the location and eventually the distance travelled. I call the app TaxiMate and this is my very first Android application apart from the “Hello World” app of course.The app is currently in testing phase. So, tomorrow I will be joy-riding a whole bunch of taxis just to verify if the app is working as designed and to validate if the readings in the app matches the reading in most taxi meters. Once complete, hopefully i can upload this app to Android Market so you guys can use it to…