Saturday, November 27, 2010

Taxi Meter for Android


It’s been two months now when I started taking a taxi everyday to office. That was after I got assigned to a new office location at Fort Bonifacio. I always take the same route everyday, however the taxi meter seem to differ between taxis by up to 20 pesos which made me think that these taxi drivers maybe cheating on me.

I have created a simple android app that will serve as your personal Taxi meter. I made this to nail the trickster taxi drivers in the ass. The application uses the device’s GPS antenna to get the location and eventually the distance travelled. I call the app TaxiMate and this is my very first Android application apart from the “Hello World” app of course.

TaxiMate  TaxiMate2

The app is currently in testing phase. So, tomorrow I will be joy-riding a whole bunch of taxis just to verify if the app is working as designed and to validate if the readings in the app matches the reading in most taxi meters. Once complete, hopefully i can upload this app to Android Market so you guys can use it too. That’s all for now, going back to fixing some minor issues. ;)



I have updated the user interface to make it look like a real meter. It’s now working like a real meter except that currently it is configured for Manila taxi rate and will only display correctly on QVGA devices like HTC Wildfire.

I am currently working to make it work on every device regardless of the screen size and will make the configuration editable so this can be used in other locations.

Stay tuned…


I finally got time this weekend to fine tune the app and upload/publish to Android Market. You get it here or just take your android bar code reader or Google goggles and take a snap shot of the QR/bar code below.

This version is not configurable, its taxi rate is currently fixed to Manila taxis. Php40 Jump-in rate and Php3.50 for every 300m when the taxi is moving or 3.50 every 2 minutes when the taxi is not moving or in “Wait” mode.

Also at the moment this version will only work on QVGA devices like HTC Wildfire.



Get the barcode reader of your android phone, the QR code  will take you to application download page on Android market.


  1. Joy-riding taxi's? That's gonna cost a nice bundle ;)

  2. could independent taxis use this as their meters?

  3. It totally depends on your government if they will allow something like this as a replacement to classic odometer based taxi meters.

  4. sir can I ask for a sample code you used for the taximeter or anything related to this app?? we have a project for our thesis and these was highly inspired by your app. any help would do. thank you so much

  5. if you could give me your email address and tell me more about your thesis, I can send you the source.

  6. thank you so much for your reply sir.

    for our thesis, we want to make a similar app but these time for tricycles since tricycle's are the main mode of transportation here in zamboanga city.

    you can email me sir at

    thank you so much.

  7. Is zamboanga city like even a real place!
    Sounds like someone just made up some sh!t

  8. sir, can i ask for a sample code of your taxi mate, i have a thesis , and i was inspired from your application. thanks

  9. Would you be so kind to send me the apk of taximate. I upgraded my galaxy tab and the app is not in the market anymore. My email is Thanks a lot.

  10. As a taxi driver myself this app is completely void. Different licencing authorities in different areas have different tariff rates and different cost per mile, you will need to program in all the different rates and select the applicable licencing body for the area to get the correct price, the meter under 15mph clicks onto waiting time which is different in each area.

  11. Hi Ross,

    May I know where can I obtain some information about how the odometer clicks are priced? For example, how'd you know that its 3.50 per 300m? I'm planning to create a similar app in my town.


    1. it should be published by city/country authorities for public transformation.

  12. Ross can I ask for a sample code you used for the taximeter or anything related to this app?? I have a project for my thesis and these was highly inspired by your app. thank you so much. my email address is

    My final year project is to develop taxi meter android app, basically need to locate user on google map and keep tracking the running distance, meanwhile have to calculate taxi fare :)

  13. It will be better if we can also call taxis from this app. But thanks for sharing, especially the bar code reader. I've download in on my phone.

  14. Hi Ross, I'm from Mexico and I'm trying to write my first android app and decided to do a taximeter as you did, would you mind sharing your code? I'm a bit puzzled with all the things to consider so it would help a lot, if you can please let me know at my email

    Thanks in advance!!

  15. Very cool idea, but I'd imagine you'll still have some trouble convincing these "trickster" drivers to charge you correctly even if you have proof that they're trying to dupe you.

    Fred |