Thursday, November 19, 2009

DIY Sustain Pedal

For the last couple of days I was looking for a cheap sustain pedal for my M-Audio Keyrig49 keyboards. The cheapest I found was an M-Audio SP-1 which is around Php1,300 (US$27) but I don’t find it cheap because i figured out that sustain pedals are just simple SPST(single-pole-single-throw) switch. So decided to build one for only Php300 (US$6).

I used materials available at from the nearest hardware. I used surface-type switch box, a door bell switch (momentary push button), and an extra cover plate.


I cut out the base of the box with a hack-saw so it look more like a switch for the foot. Then I positioned the push button switch in the cover plate.

GEDC0214 GEDC0213

The second cover plate does not have any hole for switches in it. It’s  a cover plate for covering unused junction box in a household electrical installations. I then bolted the second cover plate only fixed in one end. In the other end of the second cover plate bolted it from the inside the box making the head tail of the bolt protrude and serves as a motion guide. After attaching the second cover plate this is how it looks like.


The wirings are simple. The push button switch has only two terminal and the phone cable has also two terminals. So it’s common sense for non electrical/electronics people.

Although it looked like a medical equipment ‘coz it is white… :))  The most important thing is that it works.