DIY Mic Shock Mount

For the past couple of weeks I was looking for a cheap microphone shock mount and the cheapest I saw that was available in my country was around US$160 so I decided to build a cheap one. I only spent less than $6 and a 2 hours of my not very precious time.

Before I left office today, bought materials and tools to for my DIY shock mount which are a piece of 4”-diameter PVC pipe coupling ($0.50), a set of hair ties($0.40), set of stove bolts ($0.50), a set of coping saw frame and blades ($2.5).

First, I decided to cut the PVC coupling so it would look like Rode SM3 shock mount’s frame.

GEDC0732 GEDC0734 

Then I used the section of the PVC coupling that was removed to be a attachment brace to the original mic holders base and bolted it to the base of the frame. I had to heat that part so could bend it to a desired angle.

GEDC0750 GEDC0758

And then cut slots on the edges for the rubber suspensions (hair ties).


Right after positioning the suspensions, i found a problem. The rubber bands slip every time i attempted to position the mic. So, I decided to use the extra stove bolts to serve as the stopper of the rubber band slit, and it worked.


Here’s the finished product. I spent only two hours to complete and its worth it. Just $6 and I have a universal shock mount. I may have to paint the whole thing black.

GEDC0810 GEDC0819

Now that it’s complete, I just hope this makes a difference in my recordings.

UPDATE: I have decided to do a black spray paint makeover.

GEDC0833 GEDC0838


  1. damn that looks great that took patients more then I would have

  2. about to embark on the same project but here in UK everything is about 10x more expensive. Even so a shock mic for under £10 is well worth the effort. Thanks for posting

  3. Thank you for sharing this as I have been unable to attach mine to the mic stand and it's been driving me crazy. Your simple yet effective method is awesome.

  4. Although, this construction looks very nice, I guess, that not everyone will manage to make it. Moreover, it is easier to buy it, because it is cheap.

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